In grand old fashion, a tradition started by one of our greatest leaders, MessengerOfDreams, I hereby start our own PixelLoaf timeline of events, to remember the good, the bad, and the funny of our past, and to extend the original Timeline in spirit, even if not in name.


~ Doram


February 2018

  • Main: Things come to a head over site outages, and the community officially decides to split from the forums, and become a Discord-only entity, along with picking a new name - PixelLoaf (Main discussion marking our birthday, when it was really decided: February 10, 2018)
  • Project Novae: Along with the PixelLoaf split, a new Discord server is started, lead by Yuri, to provide a place for PixelLoaf's first game - Project Novae. This brings the total number of directly PixelLoaf related Discord servers to 7: Main, RP, Astra, Games, D&D, Mario Party - Harmless Edition, and now Project Novae.

April 2018

  • Main: With no site, and lots of sad feelings all around, no big April fools events happen. Some members pull a few small pranks, but the merriment is decidedly subdued.
  • Main: The 6th 25quared Level Designer Contest is begun, and the decision to leave it numbered after the Runouw counting is decided as the split is still too fresh, and a reminder of the good old times is desired.
  • Games: PixelGambling is started on the Games server, and proves quite popular.
  • Main: As the hiatus stretches to infinity again, and with waning interest in general, the #steven_universe channel is deleted.

May 2018

  • Main: A new channel #ld_info is created to hold all of the links for downloads of SM63 and Last Legacy.
  • Main: Some staff shifting occurs as Raiyuuni steps down, Karyete becomes Glomo, and Amp downgrades to Moderator.
  • Main: With the main Discord server's 3rd anniversary, a blurple logo is made, though a vote has us put it back to bread colored after a while.

June 2018

  • Main: Asterocrat hosts a Cards Against Humanity tournament.
  • Main: Spamming becomes an issue and mods try to curb the avalanche.
  • Main: Asterocrat makes a soccer logo for the server in honor of the 2018 FIFA World Cup. It is displayed for only 24 hours.
  • Main: On a cultural note, by overwhelming majority, Sunday is decided to be the first day of the week. Yoshithink also features prominently.
  • Main: Asterocrat makes a summer logo for the server. It is displayed for only 24 hours.
  • Steam: A Steam community is started for PixelLoaf.
  • Main: The polls exploring our culture continue as we establish once and for all that Mayo is good.

July 2018

  • Main: Asterocrat makes a US flag logo for the server in honor of the 4th of July. It is displayed for only 24 hours.
  • Runouw Wiki: Doram finally finishes translating the original timeline for the Runouw wiki, and posts an announcement as a nod to our own independence day, and remembering where we come from.
  • PixelLoaf Wiki: We also start our own wiki to hold information important to our growing community.
  • Main: Channel shuffling happens as #discussion_corner is created and #gamecollab is renamed to #tech_stuff. Also, the practice of responding with Camel emoji gains popularity.

August 2018

  • Main: More channel shuffling takes place as #art_gallery and #art_talk are created, with the gallery to be used just to post the art, and talk just used for discussion. #movie_theater is also created in the hopes of getting people together to watch movies on Rabbit.
  • Main: The name of the server is temporarily renamed "PixelLoaf/Runouw" and then "PixelLoaf (Runouw 2.0)", in order to not confuse new members about the fact that we are the new face of the old community. However, there is some discussion about how much this is necessary, so a poll is held, and the community votes to keep the name of the server as just PixelLoaf. Further changes, to express our different setup from our Runouw roots, come in the form of getting rid of staff hierarchy (no more GloMos, Mods, and SRs, but every staff member claims a fun new name color), as well as changing the normal member name color from the old Runouw blue to PixelLoaf Bread Orange. The name of the normal member role is also changed to "Loafer".

September 2018

  • Main: More channel shuffling takes place as #info is created to hold a newly written set of server rules, and the #discussion_corner becomes the #lounge. These changes come on the heels of complaints about offensive conversations happening in #main that drive away some new members, as well as issues with members complaining that some staff were being too harsh.
  • Discord General: A new TOS for Discord comes out that is particularly draconian, and a campaign is started to get people to opt out of it. Announcements are made on servers all over the place, including ours.

October 2018

  • Main: Asterocrat makes a ghost logo for the server in honor of Halloween.

November 2018

  • Main: Project Novae gets a presence on the main server as #news and #discussion are added to a Project Novae category. The Twitter account and Tumblr account for Project Novae are released at this time. The hype is real.

December 2018

  • Main: Project Novae hype increases again, as the Development Blog is released and gets it's first post, featuring some video of what has been put together thus far.
  • Main: After Halloween slips by with no event, a hard push is made to do SOMETHING for the winter holidays. As a result, a 25 Squared LDC is announced, and it is billed as the very first PixelLoaf LDC. A new channel, #contest, is created to hold submitted levels, and it grabs a good amount of attention as the month wears on.
  • Main: Asterocrat makes a present logo for the server in honor of Christmas.
  • Main: As the last day of the year finally rolls around, the Steven Universe channel makes its triumphant return (#stevenuniverse_spoilerzone). Long live gay polymorphic sentient space rocks.


January 2019

  • Main: The LDC deadline is extended from December 31st to January 7th and again to the 11th. The final deadline passes with 4 levels being submitted - 3 SM63 levels and one LL level. A poll is set up on Google Docs, and judging deadline is set for January 31st.
  • Wiki: The Timeline wiki page is created, containing info on the first year of our existence, including a link to the finalized original Timeline.
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